‘We need a real say in how our kids are taught’:  Madahbee
UOI OFFICES (April 14, 2014)–  Just promising more money for First Nations education won’t make it better, says Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee, unless First Nations have a real say in how the money will be spent.

Madahbee was responding on behalf of 39 Anishinabek Nation communities to Bill C-33, Canada’s latest response to First Nations demands for equity in federal funding for education. Read More

 ‘Education Act a distraction from 18-year process’: Madahbee
THUNDER BAY (March 20, 2014 ) – Anishinabek Nation Chiefs are concerned that the government’s proposed
First Nations education legislation ignores 18 years of negotiations for the Anishinabek Education System. Read more

Cutting land claim research ‘self-destructive’: Madahbee
UOI OFFICES (February 26, 2014) – The Harper conservatives are demonstrating self-destructive behaviour by trying to step away from their lawful obligations to fund land claim research.
“They are trying to use political power to trump justice,” said Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee, who accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of being “vindictive”, instead of working as he has promised to create reconciliation in Canada. Read more

 **Anishinabek have better plan to educate our children**
Anishinabek leaders, educators and citizens have been saying for years that our students deserve equal access to quality education. They made it clear how they want to achieve that goal at November’s special Assembly on Education in Nipissing First Nation. Read more

First Nations Fact Sheet
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This is a four-page rally pamphlet that can be used by anybody and everybody.  Please print several copies, fold in half and hand out at traffic slow-downs, round dance flash mob events etc. There are no specific dates on this pamphlet so all the information is valid for our rallies to come. Page one includes the wampum belt, Anishinabek Thunderbird wordmark and key messages on First Nations rights.


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